The Gran Boiz | R&B,Soul, and Blues | Delta Deep Roots

The Gran Boiz

The Gran Boiz are a dynamic roots trio based in the Mississippi Delta. Their blend of R&B, soul, and blues is a perfect combination for bringing people of all backgrounds together under the sweet strains of foot-stomping, hip-swaying music.

Fronted by brothers Marcus and Lewon Payne of Renova, MS, The Gran Boiz have been playing across the region for decades. They began their musical careers early by singing in their church choir, but, Marcus remarks humorously, they “eventually figured out a way to get out of the choir…and became musicians.” As they grew older, they were influenced by a wide variety of artists: from fellow Mississippians Sam Cooke and B.B. King to music greats like Ray Charles and James Brown, as well as pioneers of other genres such as rock legend Jimi Hendrix and rapper 2Pac. The brothers honed their instrumental abilities over the years as the backing band for blues artist Mississippi Slim who gave them the moniker Gran Boiz.

Their various influences and multiple musical abilities have earned them the right to share the stage with soul/R&B singers Betty Padgett, TK Soul, Benny Lattimore, and Sir Charles Jones, along with GRAMMY® winner Bobby Rush, and even hip hop group Three 6 Mafia. “We can fit in any genre and can play pretty much anything,” says Marcus. Depending on the event and the environment, The Gran Boiz play blues, R&B, soul, gospel, pop, reggae, and even country.

The Gran Boiz have a passion for bringing people together with their music. Their shows are for all ages and occasions, and they serve at the pleasure of the people. They “feel out” the crowd and the moment, and intuitively know when the moment calls for them to entertain without inhibitions, or to deliver an intimate, restrained performance. Marcus describes their music as “sweet, smooth, and fulfilling to the hearts and souls of people.” With their depth of musical knowledge and experience fueled by a passion for being on stage, The Gran Boiz aim to entertain their audiences by playing some of the best roots music in the Delta.