Variety | Delta Deep Roots



Variety is the popular ‘old school’ R&B/soul duo of siblings Eric Edwards and Shara White from Cleveland, Mississippi. They have been performing together across the country for more than 25 years. Their upbeat repertoire is the kind of music that, according to Eric, makes audiences want to ‘eat barbecue and drink cold beer.’

Eric and Shara, born and raised in the Mississippi Delta, grew up in a musical home where they both started playing and singing at the early ages of 5 and 6 years old, respectively. While citing their father, Eddie Lee Edwards, as their primary musical influence, they also list Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Prince, and Quincy Jones as musicians whom they admire and respect. Both Eric and Shara are quick to acknowledge the contributions of their former band director, Mr. James Stamps, and musical friends Dr. Alphonso Sanders and Joe Johnson in encouraging and shaping the duo’s musical development and direction.

Eric’s voice has been compared to the Isley Brothers, and Shara’s voice draws comparisons to Whitney Houston, but they both feel that God has given them each a unique voice. Although known for their R&B style, the duo is also deeply rooted in gospel music. The duo has released an album together titled There Is No One Else, and in addition to writing original music for God’s Anointed Voices, Eric has released an R&B project titled Those Vinyl Days!

In addition to recording projects, Variety has shared the stage with Marvin Sapp, Doug Williams, and multiple GRAMMY® Award winner Shirley Caesar. Eric has also toured as a musician with Little Milton Campbell, Bobby Rush, LaVan Davis, and the B.B. King Blues Band.

Eric and Shara are able to quickly ‘read a room’ to know what kind of audience they are entertaining and can pivot to provide a variety of music to a variety of audiences. Their shows are lively and fun and almost always result in a full dance floor. A recent multi-act engagement was a proving ground for their expertise as they drew the largest number of spectators to their stage over five other acts that were booked.

In addition to the responsibilities of regular employment and church obligations, Eric and Shara give their time and talent in support of local charitable causes, including Relay for Life, while they continue to be focused on further developing their songwriting and live performances.

As veteran entertainers, Variety brings an undeniable joy and passion to playing and singing music because, as Eric and Shara both say, “it’s what we enjoy doing.” And for this duo…it definitely shows.