Welcome to Deep Roots! | Delta Deep Roots

Welcome to Deep Roots!

by Sep 12, 2020Delta Deep Roots

As the coronavirus pandemic drags on, we feel the continued longing for social connection and interaction in our communities, and we look forward to the day when we can safely gather together again and celebrate all that we hold dear. As we move towards that future time, Deep Roots wants to do our part and use our musical gifts and talents today to share some joy and lift some spirits for the living of these days.

Deep Roots was set to launch live shows in downtown Cleveland venues, but COVID-19 forced us to make some adjustments to those plans. Instead, while we wait for the day when we can all feel safe gathering in person for live music shows in unique spaces, Deep Roots will be connecting with our fans through radio, television, and various platforms on the web, so sign up on our mailing list and stay tuned!

Deep Roots is a part of the creative COMMUNITY of local musicians who write, record, perform, shoot videos…right here in the Mississippi Delta…the ‘birthplace of America’s Music.’ Will the Deep Roots project include blues music? Of course, but Deep Roots will also include…Gospel, country, Southern soul, folk, singer/songwriter, bluegrass, and Americana….you know…roots music.

So come to Cleveland…’Mississippi’s Music City’ and put down your Deep Roots.

Will you sign up for our mailing list? Thank you kindly:)